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5Th Dimension F1: Limited Availabilty     $140 per 10 pack
Mama: Cookie Jar (Kre8gentics)
Papa: SnowMonster (Exotic Genetics)
Type:50/50 hybrid Sativa mostly
Harvest Time: 62 to 70 days 
Yeild: Medium to heavy
A real crowed pleaser! I used Cookie Jar because of frost, bred it to add structure to the Genetics of Starfigher and backcrossed the white in both strains making one stunner of a shower. Couple different phenos of this. One is more like mom is structure to Wifi Alien with Platinum Cookie frosty spears strawberry menthol gas smell. The other two are a mix of both parents traits. medium in height with menthol gas “purple berry” terps to follow. This one Tested at 27% THC 3.5 CBD and 1.5 CBN.

"5th Dimension F1"

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