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Includes: 12 Regular Seeds


Oh man! One of my favorites! This one is in honor of Zach Branson a good friend that has been battling severe liver issues. A strain made in honor of his long fight. We have had some really nice cultivars come from these genetics! No surprise with the parents involved these had some bangers. Great Gassy kush to rank GMO terps have been reported . Best part is, I noticed it shortned the GMO long finnish times on some phenotypes. KEEP IN MIND!. This cultivair does better outdoor/Greenhouse where LVRK has been bred outdoors for 10+ Generations so therefore is highley susceptible to light stress on some phenotypes. Indoor growers. This Strain is suggested for expereiced growers. 



Mama: Long Valley Royal Kush (Mandelbrot) (IBL by Elk Vallery Hierlooms)
Papa: Light Pollution (GMO x Lauren's Light F2) (AWKID)


Type: Indica Hybrid
Harvest Time: 58 to 75 days (Phenos will vary)
Yeild: Average to Heavy

Branson’s Royal Revenge F1

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