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Fire on the Mountain F1 :                                       80 Per 10 Pack Regular Seeds                                    
Mama: Fluffhead OG (Headband x Phishhead Kush.) (The Bank Genetics)
Papa: Snow Monster (Exotic Genetix)
Type: Indica Mostly Hybrid
Harvest Time: 62 t0 70 days
Yeild: Average to Heavy
Fire on the Mountain is a classic cultivar just like the Grateful Dead Song it is named after. Old school Sandlewood, and pine to Straight gas in Terpenes. Ranging from Kush Domaniant phenotypes to a blend between Dad and mom. This has nice potiental for a cultivar that will be bring back memories of the days of old for any level of connoisseur.

"Fire On The Mountain"

$90.00 Regular Price
$76.50Sale Price
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