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Includes: 12 regular seeds


Well this one folks can do great both indoor and outdoor. She certainly stacks large resionous kolas all the way down the plant. This is one that I hit 5 females to have some variets in the F2's. Smells range from Sweet Gas to sweet tart with OG undertones in most. Purple colors and some phenotypes throw some Alien Tech charcteristics.


Mama: Cookie Jar (Kre8Genetics)
Papa: Sensiburn OG F3 (Critical SensiStar x Rugburn OG) (Covert Genetics) KK x KK


Type: Hybrid
Harvest Window: 58 to 75 days (Varries with phenotypes)

Yeild: Medium to Heavy


Phenotype Options:

  • Star Burn: A mostly Sensiburn domiante phenotype ($80)
  • Funky Alien: I would say this one is split down the middle with mom and dad. This was my favorite one when growing it just because it was unreal looking most of the time. ($100)
  • Sensiburned OG: This phenotype was almost Sensistar dominant with more of an OG structure. The papa came through alot in this one. ($100)
  • Cookie Dough: Very Cookie Jar domiant alot of the mamas cookie flavors and looks in this one. Quite a looker with Cookie Dough terps. ($100)
  • The White Pheno: White dominated phenotype. It gets very frosty with purplish phenotypes ($100)



Klingon Kandy F2

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