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"Lauren's Light F2":                                               100 Per 10 pack Regular Seeds
Mama: Katshu Bubba Kush
Papa: Sensiburn OG F3 (Critical SensiStar x Rugburn OG) (Covert Genetics) LL x LL
Type: Hybrid Mostly 
Yeild: Average to Heavy 
Harvest Window: 58-65 days 
Well this is a strain dedicated to a Good Friend Lauren Hoover. Who I knew when living in Breckenridge, Colorado. She was well known in the cannabis Community. And to this day this strain brings me the light she brought with her into everywhere she went. This strain is my favorite for handiling my high anxiety without putting me down for the count.  Expect for the most part resionous dense buds that smell of Trix to berries and fruit in smell. Becasue these are F2's phenos can vary though with varities found.

"Lauren's Light F2"

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