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MacLovin F1:                                             $250 per 50 pack of Regular Seeds 
Mama: Mac the Light (Mac 1 x Lauren's Light F2) With special thanks to Capulator.
Papa: Glitchiford OG (AWKID)
Type: Hybrid 50/50 some phenos are more sativa Dom
Harvest TIme: 62 to70 days 
Yield: Average to Heavy
With all the Love, from Old Glitchiford (My GSD who passed) and Lauren's Light. Crossed with Mac's Stellar apperance and unique terpenes. These form Tight Compact desnse buds to Purplish Frosty large kolas. If your looking for bag appeal this is the one for you. Definetly one that can hit many sqaures in many regards when it comes to keepers. 

MacLovin Breeder Packs

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