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Sith Holiday Delight F1:                                            10 pack Regular seeds
Mama: Lemon Brulee (Covert Genetics) 
Papa: Deathstar x 79' Christmas Tree Bud 
Type: Indica Mostly Hybrid
Harvest Time: 65 to 75 days 
Yield: Average to Heavy
If your looking for something really far out there?  This one I went back to my Old Friend Covert Genetics. Lemon terps steaped in Pine and Sandalwood to straight Lemon. Phenos vary from dense golfball Kushy buds to Towers of from dads side. I've seen nice returns on wash from this variety in general. I can conclude from the hash makers out there this is a wet dream for rosin and Hash heads. 

Sith Holiday Brulee

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